Life Between Alleys: Mandir by: Reem Saeed

Artwork Information

In the mist of technology advancement; architecture phenomenons; and severe competitive industries. People are not just walking they are running. Forgetting to stop for a second and look around and appreciate the fading beauty of old alleys within old districts within the emirates.

Those alleys are where all the business began. Shops next to each other, all in one area, creating business small and big, and its not just business its social interaction, a life-time connection.

It still exists but is somewhat forgotten by the natives. Colors, scents, people come together to paint a beautiful picture.

This series is called MANDIR a documentation of a particular hidden tiny alley; where a small Hindu Temple is situated there surrounded by shops that sells prayer flowers and playing prayer worship songs. People walking around bare feet after a ritual of bathing. An aggressive, colorful, contrast between the modern and the traditional.

About the artist

Female Photographer from Dubai
Years of practice: Over 12 years
MBA – Phoenix University Arizona USA
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager - 2008 till date - Dubai
Harvard Business School – EP – Corporate Social Responsibility 2013 – Boston – USA.

#Photographer #Traveler

"The social photographer" is how she likes to categorize herself. "Awareness thru an image" is her motto in most of her work . She worked to raise awareness thru her work about disability, environment and dissolving social barriers within society through community art projects she helped curate.

Recently her portfolio involves various projects which reflects what she preaches for. She continues to document communities within the UAE in an attempt to observe their lives up close and personal.