UAE Autopsy by: Istabraq Emad Al Naiar

Artwork Information

This video is a short documentary about the lives of people living in the UAE. I asked four people living in the UAE about these subjects:

Expo 2020
Human rights

About the artist

My name is Istabraq Emad Al Naiar. I am born and I grew up in the United Arab Emirates in the city Sharjah, Since I was in the in high school I was interested and involved in art, film, and music, through volunteering and attending different workshops plus visiting a lot of galleries and exhibitions.
I am now currently a student of interior design going through my senior were I have acquired a great interest in design and architecture and became interested in photography after taking a university course called photography in interior design were I became very interested and focused in architectural photography, and the documentation of architectural buildings, were it led me into film and documentation of social issues.